Rules of visitors in the territory of the natural park “Ogre Blue Hills”

Follow the general rules of behavior and standards of decency, respect the people around you, nature and the environment

  • Keep ozi, ridge, trees, shrubs and other plants, animals. Take care of the landscaping and the environment of the forest.
  • Be quiet, respecting animals and other visitors to the natural park
  • Navigate only forest roads
  • Throw garbage only in special garbage cans. It is best to take the trash with you, do not leave trash on trails and paths
  • Fire only at designated places
  • When the skiing season begins, we ask pedestrians not to use the ski tracks for walking and running to avoid damaging the snow surface of the track and dangerous situations
  • Observe the direction of travel on the ski slopes
  • Collection of wild berries and mushrooms is allowed without damage to plants
  • Owners are responsible for their pets. Dogs and other pets are allowed to enter the territory only on a leash or in special bags.