Information about the safety of visitors in places of rest near water

Location – natural park “Ogre Blue Hills”, Tinuzi parish, Ikskile region Rescue service telephone – 112

The maximum depth of the reservoir is 8 m, the water level varies slightly, the bed of sand – a grant. Be careful! In some places there are underwater slopes and underwater sources.

Visitors safety rules:

  • Do not swim alone, warn others how far and how long you are going to swim or dive under water
  • Before swimming, warn others if you do not know how to swim well
  • After warming up in the sun, go into the water slowly
  • Do not overestimate your strength, do not swim far from the shore
  • Stop swimming when it gets cold
  • Children under the age of 12 should be supervised by adults, even if they are in shallow water or play near water.
  • Do not bathe at night or during thunderstorms or strong winds
  • After your visit, leave a place to rest clean
  • Do not allow dogs and other pets to swim in public swimming areas
  • Keep infrastructure and reservoir clean
  • Do not tear branches, leaves, fruits and skin of trees
  • Respect aquatic and forest animals and their housing
  • Do not dig sand and gravel
  • Do not set up tents, it is forbidden to sleep
  • Make a fire only in specially designated areas.
  • Do not use any chemicals near water.
  • Do not bathe under the influence of any substances.
  • Do not smoke in places of rest
  • Do not drive with motor vehicles